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You are here: Home / Applications / Yahoo Mail Still Suffering Outages
Yahoo Mail Still Suffering Outages
Yahoo Mail Still Suffering Outages
By Jennifer LeClaire / CRM Daily Like this on Facebook Tweet this Link thison Linkedin Link this on Google Plus
The Yahoo e-mail-using world is watching and waiting for more news on when the service will be fully restored. The company on Wednesday acknowledged an issue with Yahoo Mail, revealing that some of its users hadn’t been able to access their mail since 10:27 Pacific time on Monday night.

Yahoo’s first update blamed the problem on one of its mail data centers. The company admitted “the issue has been harder to fix than we originally expected” and assured its customers it had “dozens of people working around the clock to bring it to a resolution.”

The cloud has spun around but the problem is still not fixed. The three-day outage is reportedly impacting a whopping 70 percent of e-mail messages. To make matters worse, there are now reports that Flickr has gone down.

We asked Greg Sterling, principal analyst at Sterling Market Intelligence, for his thoughts on the prolonged outage. He told us it’s clearly a black eye for Yahoo and a reminder that Yahoo may not quite be "back."

“While these outages get a lot of play in the tech media, ordinary users won't become concerned unless it happens repeatedly. If it were to start happening, say, monthly Yahoo would lose users, which it cannot afford,” Sterling said. “But an isolated outage won't be a major problem with regular people, as opposed to reporters and analysts.”

On Again, Off Again

Even still, the outage is turning into a technical nightmare for Yahoo. The company expected to have user access restored by 3 p.m. Pacific time on Wednesday. That deadline came and went and Yahoo said it was still “working hard” to fix the issue. Then, at 5 p.m., Yahoo announced what sounded like good news. Only it wasn’t.

“Most affected users should now be able to access their Yahoo Mail accounts on the Web and our apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8. Most users should be able to log into their accounts, and send and receive messages,” the company said. “We're continuing to restore access for all affected users.”

In its 5 p.m. update on Wednesday, the company said users’ most recent messages may not be appearing in the inbox and assured users the service is starting to deliver e-mails that were sent to them during the outage. Because of the backlog, Yahoo said it may take a bit to get all the messages out.

“For some of you, e-mails between 11/25 and 12/9 may not be showing up in your Inbox -- we're still working on bringing all accounts up to date. We're also working on restoring IMAP and POP access for those of you accessing your e-mail through a non-Yahoo app (such as Outlook, Apple Mail, or the native mail app on your phone),” Yahoo said. “Again, we’re sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. We'll continue to provide updates to this page.”

What’s the Latest?

Yahoo offered its last update at 11:15 Pacific time on Wednesday night. At that time, the company claimed it had restored POP mail access earlier in the evening and were still working to restore IMAP.

“The affected servers have been up and running for over six hours and we’ve already delivered over 30 percent of messages sent during the outage. We expect all e-mails to be delivered by tomorrow afternoon,” Yahoo said.

“Some users may still have trouble accessing their accounts but we are working through the night on this and will post again in the morning Pacific time with the latest updates.”

Yahoo had been keeping customers informed on its Twitter account, but the last update was 10 hours ago as of the time of this writing. Yahoo could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Mohsin jatniwala:
Posted: 2014-01-05 @ 7:22am PT
I am not able to open my yahoo mail account since 13th December. Our neighbor runs the cyber cafe. I checked there and they have no problem with yahoo mail.

Tired of talking to nothi:
Posted: 2013-12-23 @ 5:06pm PT
1. My paid email account with Yahoo has been down since Wednesday, December 11, 2013 and is still down.

2. When I fill out a form created by Yahoo to tell them that my email is still not working, and then click "submit," I'm told a form for my reply will be sent to an email account I have specified that does work, but the email from Yahoo never arrives, so I can’t respond that “it still isn’t working.” Is this an attempted placebo by Yahoo? It isn’t working.

3. This is also known a "double bind" in the English language - meaning that no matter what option you choose (or are forced into), you are still only able to make one choice – and in this case it is "not to be able to let Yahoo know (again) that your account is still down." A “double bind” is also known as a “no-win” situation.

4. At this point, I'm very disgusted. I've not heard back from anyone personally or by email, although I've waited on the phone for hours, been given numbers by Yahoo to have ready to give to the Yahoo representative who will ask for that series of numbers so I can be "helped" in an expeditious manner.

5. I’ve been told to “keep retrying the “downed” account to see if it is newly functional. But after three tries at seeing if it is again functional in one day, I am locked out as “it appears someone is trying to hack into my account.” When I don’t log in at all in a day, I’m not locked out. I don’t think anyone is interested in trying to hack into an inoperable email account when Yahoo can’t either - and they know their own system!

6. My account that is down is a Yahoo "paid" email account and I just renewed it at the beginning of this December. No one from Yahoo has contacted me yet. And as a person who has taught Public Relations at a university as a full-time instructor, I'm appalled by the current service. Crisis-in-Organizations has been a popular topic in the last few years, and that cause should not be a surprise topic to anyone in the world. And Yahoo is failing miserably and publicly. I really hope the company I knew it to be emerges soon.

7. I’ve been in software development for the last 18 years as a consultant. And what is happening at Yahoo is not how businesses need to respond to a disaster in order to keep its clients. Its contingency plans are completely non-functional.

8. I hope Yahoo is soon well and all accounts are completely restored.

9. Take-aways: Perhaps Yahoo! can try a fail-over architectural design next time along with a functional contingency plan. And I hope it’s not trying to make an “adapted” component-based build work, because with each changed component, it randomly affects other components, and when those components are “adjusted” it randomly affects other components which must then be adjusted. And it never ends.

Best wishes, Yahoo! I really am rooting for you, I just wish I could have let you know privately!

Posted: 2013-12-22 @ 2:45am PT
I still cannot sign in to access any Yahoo site, this has now been a week at least the last time I got into mail was Friday 13th December. All my contacts and all my Im's and emails from my husband who is deployed abroad are in there so I am furious, fortunately since then we have manged to open accounts in another site so we can chat to each other, but this is really disgraceful I even get signing in to Yahoo come up, but it gets stopped at I can't even email them because of it help needed.

Old Quote:
Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 7:11pm PT
This has been going on since early June 2013, when yahoo lost, deleted, cannot find, in inbox and lots of my saved emails in various folders... and yahoo won't respond to me. I have the screen captures and other sorts of evidence to show it happened. There is nothing secure about anything in yahoo.
Before my emails files and folders were damaged, my contact list was regularly hacked and copied and spam mails sent out to the names in it. Several are my other emails addresses... So when I started getting emails from myself when I was not on the computer, and sent when I was not on the computer, and the computer was physically offline and being carried from one location to another...
I got suspicious that someone had hacked into yahoo instead of my computer... and was sending from Yahoo.

Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 6:26am PT
people who run businesses are already changing their carrier. furthermore email is considered to be as legally binding as us postal service notification. let the lawsuits begin. yahoo has obviously failed to properly engineer redundancy into its network design. ( or else they let their pant down and got hacked?)

Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 5:40am PT
While I was not affected by this latest incident, and quite a part from the disaster of Yahoo's recently redesigned GUI, I am affected routinely by the very inferior technical performance of Yahoo mail, which causes on-going and unpredictable service glitches including failures in receiving, sending, trashing or filing emails, downloading attachments, parsing MX records, etc. In brief, a poorly-redesigned piece of garbage that performs badly on a regular basis. This latest incident is only a more spectacular manifestation of their overall technical bankruptcy. It has become unreliable to the point that I subscribed to a Microsoft Exchange service hosted by another email/web client and the performance comparison. seeing the two work side by side, is like night and day. I shall be shifting everything to the latter, and I have seriously recommended to my ISP, Rogers Communications Inc of Canada, that they should offer serious business users a Hosted Exchange option. Anyhow, for now, gradually migrating to one less pair of eyeballs on Yahoo's cheap and crappy ad-interface.

carl leitz:
Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 4:14am PT
So what are Yahoo's excuses for their phone helplines not responding?

It's apparent that Yahoo thinks it's too big to be affected by only three million or so customers who'v frustrated by these problems for weeks.

And the non-responsive phone issue's been going on much longer.

Current Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is Yahoo's fifth CEO in six years.

So the dysfunction is woven deeply into Yahoo.

I think it's unfixable and should be sold off.

Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 4:10am PT
Not all changes are welcome. Since they have gone to their "new and improved service" I can't even reply properly to emails. My response is on the bottom of the mail. The newest email is on the top. So if you are in a conversation with many emails, proper response is impossible. The emails also bounce around when you hit send. Not my ram problems either. Just a really poor design.
It is just a crappy format that Yahoo refuses to change.

Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 4:09am PT
screw yahoo i have had to change my password 3 times in 2 weeks i am tired of all the adds too i am going to gmail

Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 4:03am PT
I wish yahoo's broken flickr service would get as much attention as their broken mail service. I'm a flickr pro user and paid my money to be able to upload videos. No one has been able to upload a video for over a month now. Flickr has been completely unresponsive.

Paul Bar:
Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 3:22am PT
She might be cute to look at, but Marrissa is dum as a rock when it comes to running a business. Someone has to replace her and her new google email.
Oh how I long for my old yahoo email.

Paul Barry:
Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 3:18am PT
I think Yahoo needs to replace Marissa with the old CEO and replace Yahoo Email with the old Yahoo email. Then we can all get back to normal.

Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 3:17am PT
I was not receiving my emails in Outlook until yesterday. I found from a yahoo search that the account settings that had worked for 3 years must have been changed by yahoo. I changed the configuration and it now works.

Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 2:48am PT
If 14 other people post about this inconvenience then we will have all 14 of the yahoo mail users on the same page.

Posted: 2013-12-21 @ 2:46am PT
Last email received was 12/20/2013 and all old emails missing. A customer since the 1990's. This is a first!

Posted: 2013-12-20 @ 9:57pm PT
I have a paid Yahoo email account that has been "down" since Wednesday, December 11, 2013. Nothing has been restored and Yahoo has not responded to their "help" contingency plan. I have several other email accounts (not paid ones) through Yahoo and they are "up." My problem is that my paid Yahoo account is my business email, and that account also links to my Yahoo Web site email. I can't download any email addresses from my paid email account either, and Yahoo is not keeping up with whose account is "fixed" and whose is not. I keep trying to notify the Company that my account is still down, but am getting absolutely no response from Yahoo whatsoever. This may be the time to move all my accounts to some other provider.

Posted: 2013-12-18 @ 8:30pm PT
Yahoo customer sine 95. All my old emails gone. They 'restored' 7 days of emails which I cannot even view most of the time. Inbox only stays open for a second and then get the "Nothing new to report" message. Garbage!

Posted: 2013-12-17 @ 11:04pm PT
I created my mailbox in 1995 and still use it. But since last wednesday I simply cannot access my yahoo mailboxes via POP neither can my other french friends. After almost 20 years using the same mail address it would be a pain for me to change but this outage is really too long !

Diane Bégin:
Posted: 2013-12-17 @ 5:47am PT
I think there is a HUGE disconnect between what Yahoo says and what users are experiencing! Make no mistake, we are still waiting for 70% of our emails, the outage is persisting with daily blackouts and access to androids, apps for IOS and Windows 8 is definitely not reliable. Folks at Yahoo continue to take great care to snow everyone from knowing what is really going on. (no pun intended). I personally have had it with their corporate shenanigans.

Posted: 2013-12-13 @ 4:35am PT
It's Friday morning and I still don't have access. All of my calls to yahoo have dropped. I'm thinking they could care less about me. I've been faithful to Yahoo since the beginning of the internet. No more.

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