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MagicBox Helps K-12 Publishers Go Digital
MagicBox Helps K-12 Publishers Go Digital
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MagicBox Helping K-12 Publishers go Digital in a Smart Way -- MagicBox, a cloud based digital publishing & mobile distribution solution for publishers, is used by over 1 million students worldwide to access interactive & media-rich digital content on their PCs and tablets.

60% of curriculum directors in US school districts are expected to replace their print instructional materials with Relevant Products/Services material in the next 3 years, says an MDR K-12 report. Despite this, many publishers find offering digital content to schools a very difficult, expensive and time-consuming exercise. MagicBox (www.getmagicbox.com), a Relevant Products/Services based Relevant Products/Services distribution platform from Magic Software, is aiming to help K-12 publishers go digital in a smart and easy way.

Headquartered in New Jersey, MagicBox offers an end-to-end mobile distribution platform for publishers to securely create, sell, & distribute their digital content across multiple platforms -- both online and offline. "Today 50% of the students in US middle and high schools either own or access a smartphone or tablet, a 400% increase since 2007. According to a recent survey, in 2013, 30% students were using digital books. In less than a year, it has already shot up to 35%”, says Abhinav Chugh, who heads the product marketing and business development for MagicBox.

Speaking of the current trends he maintains, “The demand for using technology and digital content in classrooms has been on a significant rise by parents and schools. However, publishers and mostly the mid-sized ones, are finding it difficult to cope up with the demand and the biggest problem they face is in the digital conversion into EPUBs.” The new-age interactive digital books, known as EPUB, allow users highlight content, make notes, play videos, and take online assessments inside the book on any PCs or tablets.

Abhinav explains how MagicBox allows publishers to create complex digital books in EPUB on their own, with just a few clicks and without any need for technical expertise or expensive outsourcing.

He says, “Unlike print, there are many more elements to digital publishing which includes digital content creation, e-commerce, digital rights management (DRM), school teacher and student portals, e-readers, assessments, assignments, analytics, etc. The thing that publishers love most about MagicBox is that it offers a one stop solution to create, sell, manage and deliver content on a white-labeled platform. It also includes an advance assessment tool for publishers and teachers to create online assessments inside the books or as stand-alone exercises.”

Since its launch in 2013, MagicBox has close to 1 million users and is used by some of the world’s leading publishers.

Offline Reading

One of the biggest values MagicBox claims to offer is its ability to deliver digital books offline. "Most of the schools have controlled digital Relevant Products/Services with very restricted or no Relevant Products/Services in the classrooms. Therefore, allowing students to access all content without internet on any device offers great value both to students and schools.” says Abhinav.
MagicBox also lets teachers offer a fully administered social platform to students where they can share posts, blogs and opinion polls that enhance interactivity and learning.

Speaking on the merits of technology in education, he says, “The greatest benefit of digital learning in schools is it allows for personalized learning for students, who many a times miss it in the traditional model due to the number of students in a class. Technology makes it really easy for teachers to track, analyze and grade the performance as well as difficulties of students and offer customized solutions to each one of them. It also offers publishers a great platform to receive real time analytics from students that can help them improvise their content quickly & effectively, ultimately enhancing learning. We as the MagicBox team are proud to be a part of the digital revolution that is changing the way the world learns by creating smart innovative digital solutions that revolutionize the education sector and empower publishers, schools and teachers to create smarter minds.”

About MagicBox

MagicBox was launched in EdNet conference in late 2013. It is the flagship product of Magic Software. Founded in 1990, Magic Software is a mobile educational technology company that partners with the world's top 100 leading publishers, educational and technology organizations to build next-generation digital learning products and solutions that reinvent learning and change the way the world learns. Get more information about MagicBox on www.getmagicbox.com

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